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We have redefined Laundry and Dry cleaning services.We are among the top Online Dry cleaners in Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mulund & Bhandup. We use advanced technology for Laundry and Dry cleaning to enhance and maintain beauty of your garments. Finally we are delivering you unforgettable and unique experience. We are the highly experienced and qualified team of professionals worked in India & abroad, including five star hotel laundries. Our company is operational with highly sophisticated European technology & American Machines along with advanced laundry management system & software. Our Central Processing Unit (CPU) where all 10 processes as per given process flow chart are being followed under one roof at Vartak Nagarhttps://www.traditionrolex.com/32, Thane-West. Currently, this CPU is operational to cater to the requirements of our valued customers in Thane & Navi Mumbai regions. We have brought affordable but Premium Laundry and Dry cleaning services at your doorstep.As a professional Dry cleaners,We not only remove physical dirt from your garments but our team concentrates on its core value of delivering quality Laundry services on time. We facilitates free pickup and delivery of your garments. Call us or Tap the Mouse to book online the best professional Laundry services in Thane and Navi Mumbai at affordable rates.

We not only remove physical dirt from your garments but our team concentrates on its core value of delivering quality Laundry services on time. We facilitates free pickup and delivery of your garments. Tap the Mouse or Phone and book the best professional Laundry services in Thane and Mulund at affordable rates.
Care & hygiene of your fabrics is our topmost priority. Most of our solvents are made in Germany & USA, so we can ensure it is environment friendly and laboratory tested without any side effect on the quality of fabrics. This quality conscious base gives us confidence to deal with any kind of garment & thereby makes us socially responsible company.
In addition, we are the member of DLI, USA, Its an International Dry-cleaning & Laundry Institute, our team have received training from DLI.
In a nutshell we have the best combination of 3M, ie. Men, Machines and Materials (solvents/detergents). Erospin is a Brand of Advanced Cleaning Systems.



We have introduced premium online Dry cleaning services in Thane and Navi Mumbai .We have highly sophisticated European technology equipments as well as using German solvents which are being operated by well-experienced & well-trained operators by European Laundry.

Wet Cleaning

The Hi tech American Machines, Treated Water, Eco-friendly Chemicals (Detergents, softeners, Brighteners etc) is the best combination applied to your branded/expensive fabrics and is being managed by highly skilled domain experts.

Steam Ironing

Our sophisticated steam ironing equipments refresh each and every fiber of your fabrics and give royal touch finish to your wears....,

For Dry-cleaning, we are the member of one of the best Drycleaning institutions in the world, DLI, USA which gives us all time support for training and technology.

The multi-program and sophisticated American Machines utilize specially treaded water to have a proper reaction with eco-friendly detergents, softening & brightening agents. It is being operated by our experts who can identify your fabrics, classify and apply the right washing cycle with right parameters like, program & temperature etc. Our water is specially treated to get the best results with eco-friendly solvents, detergents etc.

Moreover, our advanced steam generators produce a desired quality of steam that passes through your fabric from one side and the vacuum sucks steam on the other side to refresh the fabric. Our Iron shoes are specially designed to inject a steam & its Teflon lining never gives any marking on fabric to get you final wrinkle-free garments.





  • You Must try If you love Pampering your Clothes.

    Ms. Kashmira
  • Eurospin Laundry services are very good and have a Quality Work.

    Ms. Koyna
  • Excellent service with quality and schedule commitments.

    Mr. Narayan
  • My all ornamental diamond studded and highly expensive Sarees, Ghagracholis, Came back fresh and new in my wardrobe…..excellent work.

    Ms. Khushbu
  • Very Good Service. The curtains I had given for washing and ironing were perfectly done. Their people also removed and installed the curtains. Highly recommended.

    Mr. Manish
  • Unmatched quality, easy accessibility and friendly staff compel me to go for it regularly. Thanks Eurospin for taking care of my clothes.

    Mr. Ramesh
  • Best Service I have experienced.

    Ms. Madhura
  • Excellent quality, on time delivery, nice packing.

    Mr. Sameer
  • Eurospinis Just a Right Place to do your Laundry Trustworthy, Reliable and Exceptional Service, Top-class Machines and sure Not expensive.

    Mr. Anil
  • Eurospin know well how to process, Blazers, coats, suits they did perfect handling and delivery on Time.

    Mr. Nitin


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