Important Things to keep in mind while Dry-Cleaning Your Clothes

Since your wardrobe contains a number of delicate and costly items of clothing, it’s essential that you send them for dry cleaning at specific intervals. But there are a number of things to remember regarding dry cleaning. Here are some important tips for your benefit.

How frequently Should you Dry Clean: Keep in mind that dry cleaning is a chemical process. Your clothes are exposed to the chemicals used in the procedure. Because of this, the fabric material, color, weaving, and stretch of your clothes all get affected during the dry cleaning process. Therefore, you do not really need to send your clothes to be dry cleaned after every single wear. After wearing them the very first time, you can put them up for airing, and wear them a few more times before sending them to be dry cleaned.

Stain Removal: One of the primary reasons that we send outfits for dry cleaning is the removal of stains. Regardless of our best efforts, there will always be moments when tea, coffee, wine, tomato ketchup, and other liquids spill on our costly clothes. If the clothes happen to be light pastel colors, the need for stain removal is even more urgent. Thus, when you take such clothes to the dry cleaner, you really need to point out the spots where stain removal treatment must be carried out, and get a guarantee of performance.

Check out the credentials of the Dry Cleaner: Lots of dry cleaners offer dry cleaning services but do not have the needed expertise. A good and trustworthy service will have even the counter persons having complete knowledge of the dry cleaning procedure so that they can explain the procedure to clients. A really good dry cleaner will be more than happy to take you on a tour of the dry cleaning process. This type of service will make sure that you become their customer for a lifetime.

Home Service: A really good dry cleaning service should be capable to offer pick-up and delivery of your clothing from and to your home. Time is a very valuable commodity nowadays, and so you must use the services of a dry cleaner that can provide home service. Speaking of which, when your carpets and rugs need to be dry cleaned, a good dry cleaner should have the ability to do the cleaning at your home, instead of your carpets being towed away to their center.

Check the manufacturer’s tag: Always follow the guidelines on the manufacturer’s tag in your clothes. Some tags clearly mention, “Dry clean only.” Others mention, “Dry cleaning recommend.” In both of these cases, you should interpret the guidelines to mean “Dry clean only.”

Premium services: In some cases, you need your outfits to be dry cleaned urgently. Therefore, remember to file away the contact details of a dry cleaner that can offer you delivery of your outfits within the hour, half a day, or a day.

Special Services: Your signature pieces of apparel like hats, footwear, and belts need to have dry cleaning from time to time. The outside of hats and their bands become filthy with regular use and need to be cleaned. The same applies to shoes made of fabrics, like suede and canvas. Therefore, remember to look for a dry cleaner that can provide these services also.

Ethnic Wear: This is a very essential thing to keep in mind when dry cleaning your clothes. Ethnic wear like lehengas, cholis, dupattas, and Sherwanis always need to get dry cleaned. This is because ethnic wear is normally bright in color, consisting of a variety of colors and fabric materials tailored in the same outfit. Only an expert dry cleaner can clean such ethnic wear carefully.


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