Sofa & Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpets and Sofas are 2 things that need regular and periodic clean-up. These are heavy fabric materials; hence their cleaning is labor-intensive. Most people, to avoid the cost of dry cleaning, wash them in the house; but home washing of these fabric materials is neither easy nor gives a very good finish. It is better to send them to an expert dry cleaner who has space and useful resources to clean such heavy-duty fabrics.

Sofas. Generally, comes in two main types– leather and fabric. Fabrics are available in a wide range; like natural cotton, silk, and polyester. They can vary in weight from light to heavy. They could be plain, printed, and embroidered. And the colors are unlimited, ranging from light shades to colorful prints. Leather sofas are made of various types of natural hides, and also synthetic. Like fabric, leather upholstery can be found in a wide range of designs and colors, though not as extensive as fabric– black and tan appear to be the favorite shades.

Sofas usually attract dust at the arms and the headrest. Stain removal from fabrics can be done in the house, using commercial stain removers readily available off-the-shelf and following the guidelines in the packaging. However, for best results, dry cleaning is highly recommended. Removal of stains from leather, like synthetic leather, can also be done in your home using commercial stain removers and finishing it off by rubbing with a clean fabric. But like fabrics, for great results, it’s a good idea to get your leather sofa cleaned professionally, based on its color and extent of usage. off with codego to my blog

Carpets. Carpets are hard to maintain. They take a much worse beating than sofa covers do. The main reason is that people walk over them with their footwear on, depositing the dust from the footwear on to the carpet. In Japan, people have an amazing practice of taking off their footwear at the door and putting on cloth or rubber sandals to walk over the carpets in the house. In some places, and among some communities in India, people take off their footwear at the door and walk barefoot inside the house. Both practices really help keep carpets clean.

But this is not possible in places like your lobby, hotel rooms, and reception halls or ballrooms in which the room is covered with wall-to-wall carpeting. Here is where the dry cleaning of carpets is a must. Besides removing dirt and stains on the carpets, dry cleaning also deodorizes and disinfects the fabric.

Many dry cleaners do a fantastic job of cleaning carpets making use of a dual process. Initially they clean the carpet using steam at high pressure and injecting particular cleansing solutions with the steam. This treatment method causes the steam to penetrate deeply into the carpet fiber and take out the ingrained dust from it. After the carpet has dried out, which may take days, based on the weight of the carpet fabric, the 2nd process, dry cleaning, is used. The chemical solution used in the dry cleaning method finishes the job by removing oils and stains from the carpet. After this dual process, your carpet appears as good as new.


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