Coronavirus is slowly overtaking the whole planet, and it is everywhere. It affects humans of all ages, gender, and nationalities. Healthcare experts are only focussing on managing the disease. The Governments are working on minimizing the spread and handling the mounting stress. Business and the economy have come to a standstill. This also greatly cuts down travel and transportation options. The terror and paranoia of the disease have been out of control. The Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces. The life span is highly unclear at this particular point. Some scientists say that the virus can live up to 24 hr on some materials. This is a frightening thought that calls for complete safety and cares at all times. This leads us to the important question of all. How long does the coronavirus stay on clothes? Will laundry detergent will be good enough to kill the virus? Should I hire an online dry cleaning service? Here are some preventative measures and care that people can take to lower the risk.

Should I Wash The Clothes Every Single Time After Going Out?
It is recommended to wash these clothes immediately after going out. Even though we follow social distance, there is always the possibility that individuals might come across an infected person at any time. It is important to clean the complete outfit and dry them in sunlight carefully. This would eliminate the coronavirus that might be present in the clothes.

Should I Take More Precautions If I Visit A Risky Area?
The risk of coronavirus rises if a person visits the risky areas. It is a good idea to stay away from these areas under any circumstances. On the other hand, if there is a legitimate reason to visit, then wash the clothes immediately with a strong disinfectant and detergent. The dry cleaning services in Thane can handle these challenges. The Government provides certain guidelines on how to deal with this situation.

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken To Wash The Clothes Of A Quarantined Person?
The home quarantine protocol isolates people who have been exposed to the virus from the general public. Though they do not have symptoms, there is a high possibility that they could have infected by the coronavirus. It is necessary to be in self-isolation to safeguard their family. Their clothes should be washed separately, if possible with disposable gloves. Avoid touching the clothes with bare hands. Always wash the hands with disinfectant or sanitizer after the laundry process. The guidelines also ask people to avoid shaking the clothes vigorously to avoid dispersion. It is also essential to disinfect the clothing hamper, clips, and lines to prevent transmission to other clothes and people.

Is It Necessary To Wash The Clothes By A Machine?
It is much better to wash clothes with a machine during the present situation. Heat tends to kill the coronavirus more efficiently. The heat generated by the washing machine would be enough to kill the organisms. It is also much safer than hand washing as it protects the person washing them from getting the virus. You can also give it to an online dry cleaning service that has an industrial setup.

Should We Wait For A Certain Duration To Wash The Clothes?
Coronavirus has a particular shelf life in different materials. It is normal for people to think about washing the clothes after that duration for safety reasons. However, there is no adequate information available on the topic. People can use gloves to minimize the risk.

What Are The Directions To Be Given To Laundry Service Providers?
The dry cleaning services in Thane have advanced machines that would kill the virus. It is recommended to let them know about the condition of the clothes so that they can take preventive measures.

Can The Coronavirus Be Transferred Through Laundromat Bags?
There is a possibility that paper and plastic bags can carry the coronavirus. The companies take additional care to avoid these situations. However, it is a good idea to wash your hands carefully with soap after receiving them.

Should We Apply A Separate Washing Strategy For These Clothes?
The clothes can be washed with the other clothes as the machine would wipe out the bacteria. However, extra attention should be given to zippers and buttons as they might carry the Coronavirus for a much longer time.

There is no exact proof that a person can get the illness through viruses present in the clothes. The shelf life of the coronavirus in the different materials is mostly not clear. Although, we do know that the Coronavirus can settle on the clothes. Some people have the habit of rubbing their face and head with these clothes. It is important to avoid these acts for the time being. There are uncertainties in this situation, and it is important to take appropriate precautions. Choose a strong disinfectant and sanitizer for your hands and clothes. The online dry cleaning services take ample precautions to clean the clothes. This would help the people to protect themselves and their families from potential risks.


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