How To Remove Musty Smell From Clothes During Monsoon

The monsoon is at its peak.
And though the rainy season is sure to offer some much-needed break from the summer heat, it might make it difficult for you to be on top of your game.
Because of increased humidity and excessive sweating during monsoon, our clothes usually tend to be quite smelly.
Here are 4 ways to remove musty smell from your clothing during the monsoon.

* Do not pile up your clothes, odor gets worse with time
* Add Baking soda or vinegar to your detergent
* Dry clothes inside; Store washed clothes in a dry place
* Wash your clothes inside-out

1) Do not pile up your clothes, odor gets worse with time.
We usually have a tendency to keep tossing our (used) clothes in the washing machine or in the laundry bucket for a good number of days before we actually decide to wash them.
But at the time of monsoon, this will only make your clothes stink much more because the odor worsens with time.
You can try hanging your clothes somewhere separately, to control the smell.

2) Add vinegar or baking soda to your detergent.
During the monsoon season, your normal washing powder just might not be good enough.
So try putting some baking soda or vinegar into your detergent while washing your clothes.
These will help reduce the awful smell coming from your clothes.
Other than using these every time you wash your clothes, also ensure that to use a good-quality and great smelling detergent.

3) Dry clothes inside; Keep washed clothes in a dry place.
Dry clothes inside: Expecting the sun to show up? Not a good idea. During monsoon, it is more ideal to dry your clothes inside. Keep the place well-ventilated and switch on the fan.
Keep clothes in a dry place: To lower the risk of dampness in clothes, keep them in a dry place. Also, keep a few sticks of chalk nearby to prevent them from stinking.

4) Wash your clothes inside-out.
Another way to remove the musty smell during the monsoon season is to wash your clothes inside-out. This is because sweat and grime tend to cling to the insides of your clothes, not the outside. Try these out. Thank us later.


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