Does Dry Cleaning Really Reduce The Life Of Clothes?

Washing your clothes a number of times in the washing machine can ultimately reduce its life. Rigorous or reckless handling is a strict no when it comes to taking care of your clothes, particularly the costly ones.

What is the alternative to this? The answer is dry cleaning. There are many myths around this and we are here to break them down one by one. Although dry cleaning is far better than going through frequent trips through your washing machine, does it actually reduce the life of your clothes?

Dry cleaning is known to extend the life of your clothes. Let’s check out the various reasons and break the myths about dry cleaning below.

1. Dirt Removal
Dirt is like sandpaper on your clothes. The more they rub against each other, the more fibers get destroyed and can break as time go on. Normal wash can remove most of the dirt but not entirely. Dry cleaning removes it completely.

2. Stain Removal
Some stains can be tough to remove, especially the oxidized brown and yellow ones. To avoid damage to the clothes, dry cleaning is the only option to completely remove stains.

3. Water Damage
Yes, you heard it correct, water can cause the threads on your cloth to puff up to double their size. Frequent stretching can damage and turn the fabric out of shape. Fragile fabrics, costly suits, and silk clothes need to be dry cleaned.

4. Insect Attacks
With the frequent changes in Indian weather, our clothes and wardrobes are constantly susceptible to insect attacks. Routinely giving your clothes for dry cleaning can help prevent this. The mothballs’ scent left on the garments will only fade away through dry cleaning.

5. No Shrinkage
Dry cleaning uses no laundry detergents to clean clothes. Clothes are not prone to shrinkage and continue to look good as new when dry cleaned. To reduce damage, avoid laundry detergent or heat for some clothes that have the tag ‘dry-clean only’. Clothes such as silk, velvet, and wool mostly have the tag.

Whatever your laundry needs are, it is essential that your clothes are taken proper care of. This is the prime vision and mission of Eurospin Dry Cleaners. We try to offer a very unique experience to our clients by maintaining high standard quality control measures.

We Do It All – Steam ironing, Dry clean, stain removal and Laundry. At Eurospin Dry Cleaners, we offer free pick up and drop.


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