Benefits of Dry Cleaning Blankets and Comforters

You likely bring different garments to the dry cleaner, but what about your blankets and comforters? You can enjoy some heavy benefits if you have a dry cleaning delivery service pick up these garments and clean them for you. Let’s check out the benefits, and you’ll know why dry cleaning is the way to go.

A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Deep-cleans Bedding
Your blankets and comforters are likely much dirtier than you think. Along with surface dust, the bedding possibly has skin cells, oil, and dust mites. This can get in the fabric, making it difficult to clean bedding in the washing machine. While your washing machine is good at handling dirt and dust on the surface, you need to rely on a dry cleaner to deep-clean your bedding. Dry cleaning chemicals get in the fabric and get rid of the dust mites, skin cells, and everything else. If you wish to sleep on clean bedding, start by searching a company for “dry cleaning near me.”

Say goodbye to Lumps With Dry Cleaning
Washing machines leave dust mites and more behind because comforters turn, twist, and bunch up during the cleaning. It’s tough for the detergent to get in the fabric when it’s all bunched up.

The bunching and twisting cause another issue, too. The twisted fabric and entrapped moisture can cause large blankets and comforters to fill with lumps after washing.

Getting the lumps out isn’t simple, and your comforter might never look the same again. However, you can easily avoid this issue with dry cleaning. Your comforter won’t be bunched up at the time of the cleaning, and you also won’t have to worry about entrapped moisture.
If you really want your comforter to be lump-free and all ready to put on the bed, it makes good sense to use a dry cleaning service.

Preserve the Colors With Dry Cleaning
Have you ever observed that after a number of washes, the colors fade on your comforters and blankets? You might end up replacing them before time because you simply cannot stand the way they look. This is particularly painful if you choose blankets and comforters to match the decoration in your bedroom. Once the fabric fades, the bedding no longer improves the look. Dry cleaning is the color-safe method to clean your bedding. The colors won’t fade in any way, so you can keep your blankets and comforters longer.

Protect Your Washing Machine
Unless you have a commercial-grade washing machine, it’s probably difficult to fit your comforter inside. You may try to jam it in, but that could be a mistake. Overloading your washing machine can damage it, resulting in expensive repairs. Using a dry cleaning delivery service can safeguard your washing machine while also making sure that your bedding is clean.

Avoid Shrinking Your Bedding
Did you know that your blankets and comforters can shrink in the washing machine? You possibly won’t notice initially, but your bedding will shrink after a number of washes. Once it shrinks, it won’t fit correctly on your bed. And also, your blanket won’t feel nearly as warm and comfortable after it shrinks. Since dry cleaners never use water, items do not shrink. You can have your comforters and blankets dry-cleaned as frequently as you like without stressing about anything shrinking.


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