How to Wash Silk Clothes?

Lavish and elegant, silk is a lovely addition to your closet– or bedding. But the thought of cleaning it can make that beautiful silk dress, shirt, skirt or sheets seem less desirable.

If you’ve ever thought how to wash silk it may not be as difficult as you think.

Because of the feel, glow and lightweight appeal, silk is considered a delicate fabric, but it’s ‘stronger’ than it appears. Unless the care label reads ‘dry-clean only’, there’s a great chance you can wash your silk clothes, by hand and even in the machine.

Hand washing silk

If your care label mentions hand washing your silk, it’s best to check the fabric for colorfastness first by lightly blotting an unnoticeable part of the cloth 

To hand-wash silk, go with a mild detergent, ideal for delicate, and mix it in a lukewarm basin or bucket. Soak your silk for up to 5 minutes prior to rinsing in a new bowl of clean, cold water.

Give the cloth a final rinse before lying flat and tapping with a clean towel to absorb any excessive water: never ever wring out silk clothes as this can warp the shape.

You can leave your cloth out to dry flat, or hang it very carefully on a washing line with soft or wooden grip pegs.

Machine washing silk

If you’ve checked your silk care guidelines and your garment is ideal for machine washing, you just need to take a few precautionary steps.

Washing silk clothes in a laundry bag — or pillowcase– helps to protect against the fabric catching or pulling on the washing machine drum.

You must also ensure the washing machine is on a cool temperature cycle, ideally 30 ° C, and find a setting that is suited for fragile items: if your washer has a ‘hand wash’ program, that could be best.

Dry cleaned and delivered to your door

If your silk cloth is dry clean only, you can rely on Eurospin to care for your fragile– and even if your silk clothes or sheets are machine washable, you might choose to let the professionals take care of it.

Eurospin can either wash or dry clean your silks at 30 ° C, delivering them back to your door looking fresh, pristine and stunning.


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